Studio 7

Studio 7 is a smaller studio that offers a control room and a live room. It is acoustically treated with a wooden design that gives a calm and laid-back atmosphere. The live room has movable wood panels on the walls for acoustical choices, ranging from dry to a more reverberant sound. Exceptional for vocal tracking and other instruments that may need a complete dry recording. The size of the control room is 18 square and the live room is 13 square meters. Additionally, the live room in studio 7 is linked to all the other studios in the PhatCat complex.

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Henrik Sørebø

producer – engineer – songwriter

Phone: +47 97969519

Marius Steinveg

Music producer – Sound Engineer – Songwriter

Phone: +47 400 55 664

Marius Steinveg is a music producer, audio engineer and songwriter living in Oslo. He started his career in Tromsø, where he attended a high school curriculum specializing in music. Marius now has a bachelor degree in music production from Westerdals Oslo ACT (formerly known as NISS).

With experience from both studio and live productions, Marius has worked with a wide range of music genres, and welcomes anyone and any genre into his studio.

William Dahl

Music producer – Sound Engineer – Songwriter

Phone: +47 454 30 877