Studio 1

Studio 1 has three live rooms and a large control room centered around a hybrid set-up of selected pro-level preamps (Chandler, UA, Shadow Hills), AD/DA conversion (Apogee) and analog summing (Shadow Hills). Live room A and are both 15m2 and are commonly used as guitar amp room (a), and vocal booth (b). Liveroom measures 21m2 and serves great as an isolated room for drum kits.

The control room is also connected to a larger live room, aka "The CatCave", situated 1 floor beneath Studio 1. Visual communication between the studios is handled via video feed, where as audio communication is solved using Hearback™ technology with personal mixers for monitoring. The CatCave a legendary live room that was built in 1979. The room measures 60m2 with a six meter high ceiling. With thick pinewood floors and wood panels on the walls, the room is perfect for both string sections, brass, grand piano, choir, acoustic guitar and more. In the far corner of the room, the floor is made of flagstone and is perfect for recording drums.

With a variety of classic recording gear, custom built Quested main monitors, and high quality instruments, amplifiers etc, makes Studio 1 highly suited for both recording, mixing, and writing sessions.

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Eivinn Arne Jensen Larsen

Producer – recording engineer

Phone: 99386157

Eivinn Arne Jensen Larsen is a music producer living in Oslo. He started his career in Stavanger, where he attended a high school curriculum specializing in music whilst working as a guitar teacher. Eivinn Arne now has a bachelor degree in music production from Westerdals Oslo ACT (formerly known as NISS).

When recording for bands, his fokus is making it easy and fun for the artists to create. Because of this, the studio is packed with high end backline and many fun sounding objects that can give just the right, or a special flavour, to any recording.

With experience from both studio and live productions, Eivinn Arne has worked with a wide range of artists of different genres like Mathias Eick, Eyolf Dale, Sorgen, Morten Jørgensen, Beat Shack, Soft Punch and Feenix Foundation.

He switches between producing, recording and writing music in Phatcat Studio 1 and producing audio books for children at Cappelen Damm, Norways biggest book publisher.

Follow his official playlist on Spotify to see if he likes what you like:

Klaas Snoek

Producer – Engineer – Songwriter


Klaas Snoek is an audio engineer, producer and songwriter from Oslo. Klaas has worked with music, audio, and television production for more than a decade.

He has a Bachelor degree in Media Engineering from the University of Stavanger from 2002, degrees as both Tonmeister and Executive Producer from Akademie Deutsche Pop in Berlin from 2012, and a Bachelor degree in Music Technology with first class honours from the University of West London (London College of Music) from 2015.