Trojan Mind

"Trojan Mind" by Glass Club is the second track to be released as part of the PhatCat® Sessions, a recording grant awarded to upcoming norwegian bands. The track was recorded in PhatCat Studio's main recording studio, The CatCave.
Produced and mixed by Sigve Bull, assisted by Klaas Snoek, Henrik Sørebø and William Dahl.
Cover Art by Klaas Snoek.
The music video for the track was produced by Klaas Snoek, directed by Mathias Skjelland,


Type of project

  • Single

Production date

  • August, 2017

Composed by

  • Harald Rødølen

Lyrics by

  • Harald Rødølen

Executive producers

  • Klaas Snoek
  • Sigve Bull

Mastered by

  • Morgan Nicolaysen

Mixed by

  • Sigve Bull

Performed by

  • Harald Rødølen
  • Joakim Arnt Holmen
  • Sigve Bull

Produced by

  • Sigve Bull

Recorded by

  • Henrik Sørebø
  • Klaas Snoek
  • William Dahl