PhatCat® Sessions

PhatCat® Sessions is an initiative by PhatCat® Studios in order to help norwegian band music gain a larger audience.
The project chooses 2 bands per year, who are each given 3 days of recording time in our largest recording studio, The CatCave. The studio also mix the recordings, and pay for professional mastering in Norway. The music is released on PhatCat Music in co-operation with Grappa Musikkforlag, Norway's largest independent label.


Type of project

  • Single

Production date

  • October, 2016

Executive producers

  • Klaas Snoek
  • Sigve Bull

Mixed by

  • Sigve Bull

Produced by

  • Sigve Bull

Recorded by

  • Henrik Sørebø
  • Klaas Snoek
  • William Dahl