Funky Fishlegs

Single production for comedian Nicolay Ramm and TV Show Helt Ramm on public broadcaster NRK.
The song was featured as the theme song for the Norwegian cross country skiers in the 2017 Cross Country World Championships.


  • Nicolay Ramm

Type of project

  • Single
  • TV-Broadcast

Production date

  • February, 2017

Record label / Client

  • NRK

Composed by

  • Nicolay Ramm

Lyrics by

  • Nicolay Ramm

Executive producers

  • Nicolay Ramm

Mastered by

  • Morgan Nicolaysen

Mixed by

  • Sigve Bull

Performed by

  • Joakim Arnt Holmen
  • Kristian Tybakken
  • Sigve Bull

Produced by

  • Sigve Bull

Recorded by

  • Sigve Bull