Blame it on TV

The Elektro/Pop Band Igor and the Wolf were invited to Dorian Gray Studios in Berlin to record an Indie version of their song "Blame it on TV".

The track was recorded and mixed on an SSL Duality, and mastered at Masterlab Masteringstudios in Berlin.


  • Igor and the Wolf

Type of project

  • Single

Production date

  • April, 2012

Executive producers

  • Klaas Snoek

Mastered by

  • Andreas Balaskas

Mixed by

  • Klaas Snoek

Performed by

  • Ingo Puls
  • Jörg Fabian Pokall

Produced by

  • Klaas Snoek

Recorded by

  • Jan Schulz
  • Klaas Snoek


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